Compay Culture

Because of the great dreams of mankind, because of cultural and business prosperity.

Corporate culture is the common core values and understanding to follow. Corporate culture embodies the core of a business management ideas and the team together, and the resulting positive organizational behavior. Camp is also a corporate culture of business, we live in a common environment, has a delicate relationship between each other, right and wrong, positive and negative, passion and apathy, passion and dull, calm and anxiety, irritability ..... . are likely to affect the people around him, and bring benefits to the enterprise or disaster.

Our advocacy is people-oriented, full implementation of the induction of the management philosophy.

Do in-depth details of the investigation of ideas.

The hot summer months the staff have a good rest at noon time, a better job.

The company regularly publishes quarterly "Hengye. Baoliya" within the Journal, provide a good learning platform to encourage employees to actively participate in submission to improve the level of writing instruments;

Monthly or quarterly employee forums held from time to time to listen to voices of employees and further improve our work and improve the management mechanism; establishment of a fair, just, open and effective performance incentive mechanism;

Regular employees and an annual Spring Festival Party Games, to create a good working atmosphere, the staff, "blending work in joy."

Basically, corporate culture from the corporate staff cohesion, team cohesion is based on employee business career goals. Assumed corporate career goals are consistent with the interests of enterprises, but also the interests of the vast majority of individual employees is a win-win collective and individual goals, then we say that the benefits arising from cohesion to have a foundation. This is a business survival and development of rock. Otherwise, no matter what strategy we adopt, the formation of cohesion can only be a fleeting dream. However, with such an interest only basis, the cohesion is not necessarily able to successfully set up.


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