Compay Development

    ■ 1991 Established in May of domestic institutions, anchored "Lunjiao business development trading company";
■ 1991  Shunde, December bought the first piece of land, business real estate business;     


  ■ 1992-3 Industrial Building Code base, located in Shunde, Guangdong Road, 298-326 City Road, Central;
■ 1992  established July at Societe Generale in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Company;
■ 1992  November Hengye Group Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong; 


 ■1993 joint venture established in April Houseware Co., Ltd. Shunde Hengye;


 ■ 1994-12 moved into the Industrial Building Office;


 ■1995 The first annual sales of OEM products is extended to Shenzhen Vanguard supermarket rubber wood cutting board;
■ In September of cooperation is the first foreign supermarket in Shenzhen Pokka is the first foreign-owned supermarkets in Shenzhen Wal-Mart; 


■ 1996 participate in exhibitions abroad, Jingdezhen SEO in Dubai has signed the first export orders;
■ 1996-9 stake in Far East Electric Factory;
■ 1996,first self-developed iron ironing board "where steam" was born;


  ■ 1997 April to the Hong Kong Houseware Fair Hong Kong;


  ■ 1998 years "treasure Liya" household products successfully entered the retail market, including ParknShop, Wellcome, affordable, Carrefour, the same year also became
Successfully opened up the timber import business;
■ 1998 for the first time to Europe exhibition in Milan, Italy;

   ■ 1998 years "treasure Liya" household products successfully entered the retail market, including ParknShop, Wellcome, affordable, Carrefour, the same year also became
Successfully opened up the timber import business;
■ 1998 for the first time to Europe exhibition in Milan, Italy;

■ 2000  February trade company in Shunde water Teng Jianli point of sale, specializing in the import of rubber wood in Thailand, the service around the furniture industry. In     We export more to open up the fan, gas furnace operations;
■ 2000 was formed in the first hardware factory;
■ 2000-6 injection Sihai Computer Networks;


■ 2001-4  injected into Aijun Electric Factory, production Shoe and get CE certification;
■ 2001 GS year to get the first product certification;
■ 2001 for the first time can make money abroad to participate in the online game world-class retail and export tender bid;
■ 2001-10 participate in the first Electrical Household Appliances Fair;
■ 2001, the company actively provide market information, with the factory, greatly improve the grade of export products, but also to successfully develop and World
Retailer's direct business model, the "Forever" appeared in the foreign world-class brand supermarkets and hypermarkets, and the domestic market
Phase film into a fun;


■ 2002 -3 Hengye Shunde Trading Company made the first batch of private enterprises the right to operate import and export;
■ 2002-4 first large-scale retail enterprises to participate in domestic goods and the successful tender;
■ 2002 -8 chocolate moon cake in Germany Frankfurt, home products development;
■ 2002 the company was passed German TUV ISO9001: 2000 version quality system certification;

■ 2003 January to the United States to participate in Chico Houseware Fair;
■ 2003  month in the New World Shopping Centre, Shunde, interactive e-health products exhibition of large-scale promotional activities;
■ 2003-2 -3 at Guangzhou Tianhe, large-scale activities to promote interaction table tennis products;
■ 2003 -2 -15 in Guangzhou Garden Hotel "Olympic table tennis champion Wang Tao accept the challenge of computer-cum-intellectual high invincible tennis news sent 2008
Cloth will ", launched in late invincible intellectual cool interactive simulation video tennis fitness;
■ 2003-3 participate in Shunde High-tech Expo;
■ 2003 April "SARS" to Beijing Northern Jiaotong University, SOS Children's Village, Gansu Province, organized anti-SARS committee, the national music
Fu, Shanghai University, Shunde Lianhua Supermarket and all walks of life donated interactive fitness products and health care products;
■ 2003-5,moved their factories, construction sites located in Ganzhou Leliu Chevalier, Shunde Industrial Park, covers an area of ??30,000 square meters;
■ 2003-6 the United States accused of anti-dumping ironing board, and actively responding;
■ 2003, the company's export business to a few thousand telecommunications million;
■ 2003 -6  Group set up the branch to begin trial implementation of the division system;
■ 2003 August "Nanfang Daily" reported several media interviews etc. Our staff understand the anti-dumping point;
■ 2003 on 2 May in Beijing jointly organized with the People's Daily, "an interactive simulation exercise machines new conference and networking event," Products in the Central
Television sports news broadcast, Xinhua News Agency issued this press release more than 400 words;
■ 2003-12 -17 Japanese group sponsored the "sea garden Cup" 2003 National Sports Daily Good News in Shenzhen selection activities;

■ 2004-1-17 I joined the Communist Youth League Division with City Council and Guangdong Television jointly organized the "warm winter sun with the state action", to even state
People donated thousands of dollars worth of goods and cash;
■ 2004 -2 intellectual cool interactive simulation Invincible TV Sanda Fitness launched;
■ 2004 -2 -5 China Central Television to Division I on-site interviews, and visit our staff, interviewed on the same day the new CCTV Economic Channel 21:00
Broadcast network news programs;
■ 2004-2 local media reported on the preliminary anti-dumping our after the publication of the work;
■ 2004-6-18 in Telford along earnings Hotel 13th Anniversary celebration held in Division signing ceremony cum ceremony, then in Guangdong province, Yunfu City, New
Xingxian and Shunde district government official offered his congratulations and to raise our expectations;
■ 2004 -8-12 at Henan Daily held a "treasure Liya 'Cup match and man-machine press conference;
■ 2004 -9 -16 by the People's Government of Shunde Leliu invitation, attended the chairman leaves (Leliu) anti-dumping forum;
■ 2004 -12-27 Division and the day I Shunde Chamber of Commerce, <<>>,<< Pearl Nanfang Daily Commercial News>> co-organized the inaugural Guangdong (Shunde) on anti-dumping Altar.

■ 2005 -1-9 on the company initiated and other enterprises with large Fuyuan, the joint in the big supermarkets Plaza Fuyuan bazaar,
All of the money used to sell products under the South Asian tsunami disaster donor countries and regions;
■ 2005 Mar. Chairman Mr. Ye Zhongping invited to participate in the Hong Kong Government in 2005 held in Shanghai Overseas Investment Management
Level forum.
Forum, Mr. Ye Zhongping on how to expand overseas markets delivered a keynote speech,
And with the professor from Oxford University, Department of Commerce officials, the Hong Kong government officials as well as many well-known entrepreneurs
To discuss overseas investment, trade associations and anti-dumping issues;
■ 2005 -4  employees Fengze standard hospitalized, company leaders, employees have a helping hand,
Po Liya total of 3 million yuan donation to help Fengze standard storm, Fengze standard letter of thanks sent his wife made a special trip for this;
■ 2005 -4 -16  construction area of ??5,000 square meters of new office building completed, the whole company moved into the office;
■ 2005 -5 -19 Nippo Liya Group companies Shunde Hengye Housewares Co., Ltd. became a registered supplier of the United Nations;
■ 2005 -5 -24, "Private Economy News," the company chairman Mr. Ye Zhongping open up the weekly "old leaves on foreign trade" column,
Published in this column a unique point of view of foreign trade, Ganzhou website building many points by experts, scholars have,
Of articles by the state Department of Commerce, Sina and other large sites reproduced.
The forecast of RMB exchange rate formation mechanism and a basket of currencies of view has also been proved by facts.
■ 2005-8 1 Chairman Mr. Ye Zhongping Japanese companies should be "National Urban Daily and PRD Cooperation Forum," the invitation,
Made a presentation entitled "Integrated Business News Network to create a business voice" of the speech, and a site plan


■ 2006, established in January Shunde buy nets, Gome and other companies have joined.
■ 2006 -2  16 People's Daily published an article reporting our positive response to the EU anti-dumping case,
And said Group Chairman Mr. Ye Zhongping as "the first anti-dumping people in Guangdong."


 ■ 2007-6 -24: Melia competed to love and treasure for the seriously ill employee contributions;
   ■ 2007 July: open innovation to promote take-off, a timely development center, charged with the group all new product design and development;
   ■ 2007  August: Ye Zhongping chairman granted, Peking University, a master's degree;
   ■ 2007 -11 26: flag, Bauhinia Citigroup, Po Liya company FOREVER brand flag, the first time in three banner fluttering in the wind over our company, Mu Po Liya people glory;
   ■ 2007 January 28: Group group with major clients in the Americas Hotel Shunde Grandlei signing ceremony, and thus started a long time in the future a series of strategic cooperation;
   ■ 2007 -12 26: Nanfang Daily Group Chairman Ye Zhongping warmly invited any observers to the gold medal;
   ■ 2007 -12 27: The self-developed innovative equipment, a substantial increase in production efficiency. Self-developed innovative equipment "H tripod hydraulic pipe forming machine" developed and put into production use.
   ■ 2007January 28: "buy nets" were full of big, Foshan, transparent spending three-way interaction. 28 "Nanfang Daily" and "the competitiveness of the Pearl River Delta 2007 annual report," a full page on the net buy Shunde conducted in-depth coverage, the report said: "In Shunde, to" buy Shunde network "to find household products have been the Many white-collar fashion choice. ", especially household appliances, furniture, building materials, home improvement and other business areas, Shunde buy network has achieved its own unique advantages and reputation.


 ■ 2009 December: the first staff games a success.

 ■ 2010 years: to become one of Shunde Dragon 300.

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